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We offer comprehensive recycling solutions

to provide our customers with cost-effective ways to improve their recycling systems, maximize efficiencies, and responsibly dispose of their waste streams. 

"Our goal is to provide efficient programs that require minimal effort on our customers' behalf so that they can focus on strenthening their primary areas of business."

plastics we recycle
Quality Assurance
plastics recycling machinery

At Direct Polymers, we understand the importance of having a reliable quality control program to meet our customers' necessary, and often strict specifications.  All of the materials we buy and sell are thoroughly sampled, tested and analyzed in our lab in order to ensure we deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

Reliable Service
plastics recycling services

Our dedicated team strives to provide customer service that is unparalleled to any other in our industry. Our success is built on our commitment to reliable service and our understanding of how important our relationships with our customers really are. We pride ourselves in knowing that Direct Polymers is a name that people can trust.

Customized Solutions
plastics recycling solutions

Direct Polymers offers customized solutions to a variety of industries. We provide programs that allow our customers to maximize their efficiencies and minimize their hassle and effort so that they can focus on their main areas of business. We offer recycling services for fibers, plastics, and metals, along with on-site collection services tailored to each customer's needs.

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