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About Us


Located in Denver, CO, our company was formed with the intent to identify under-serviced recycling industries, provide companies with more specialized waste reduction and recycling solutions, and provide better customer service than anyone in our industry. We believe that waste and recycling programs should not be viewed as a costly hassle, they should be viewed as an essential and convenient way for businesses to improve their "green" image and add to their bottom line.


Direct Polymers proudly serves companies in a variety of business sectors throughout the United States, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, and energy/oil and gas. We specialize in creating customized and cost-effective recycling solutions that allow our customers to reduce their waste streams, improve their environmental footprint, and extract the maximum value from their plastic, metal, and paper recyclables.


We want our customers to expect the highest standards of quality and service and we strive to put ourselves a step above the competition. At Direct Polymers we have a knowledgeable and experienced team who allows us to meet the highest standards of professionalism and customer service. We have a quality assurance program allows us to guarantee the highest standard of quality in our recycled materials and finished products. Most important, we care about our customers and we believe in creating sustainable, long-term partnerships. 


We strongly encourage you to try us out and see what kind of value-added services we can bring to your company.





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