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When it comes to raw and finished materials, Direct Polymers specializes in plastics recycling.  We purchase a wide range of #1-7 plastics and we also sell quality reground, pulverized, and pelletized products.  Below you'll find all of the materials we purchase and sell, as well as some sample descriptions of the products you may find these materials. Whatever your material needs may be, please don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced representatives.

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Cosmetic Containers, Food Jars, Jelly & Jam Containers, Mouthwash Bottles, Peanut Butter Containers, Plastic Bottles, Prepared Food Trays, Salad Dressing Bottles, Single Use Water Bottles, Soft Drink Bottles, Sport Drink Bottles
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Vinyl Window, Siding, Fence, and Pipe, Cable Sheathing, Carpet Backing, Floor Tiles, Garden Hose, Meat Wrap, Medical Tubing, Outdoor Furniture, Plumbing Pipe, Wire Insulation
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Dairy Containers, Produce Crates, Medicine Bottles, Packaging Tape, BOPP Films, Totes,
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Agricultural Pipe, Agricultural Silage Film, Detergent Bottles, Extruded Pipe, Grocery Bags, Ice Cream Tubs, Milk Jugs, Juice Jugs, Pails, Playground Equipment, Shampoo Bottles, Shipping Containers
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Film, Packaging Wrap, Six Pack Rings, Dry Cleaning Bags, Garbage Bags, Heavy Duty Bags, Molded Lab Equipment, Plastic Food Wrap, Recycling Bins, Squeezable Bottles, Pond Liner 
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Nursery Trays, Cafeteria Trays, CD and Video Cases, Foam Packaging, Electronics Trays, Styrofoam, Plastic Cuttlery and Plates
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Direct Polymers also processes ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylics and other materials your company may have. Please contact one of our experienced representatives to inquire about #7 plastics.
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