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Services We Provide

Direct Polymers offers a variety services and capabilities to meet your company's needs.


*Customized waste reduction and recycling programs

*On-site oilfield recycling services

*Plastics, metals, and paper recycling

*Plastics toll shredding, grinding, washing and particle aspiration, blending and compounding

*Roll-off and trash services

*Dropped trailers and logistics management for your waste and recyclabes

*Packaging supplies: Gaylord boxes, super sacks, collapsible bins, wood and plastic pallets

*Spreadsheet waste/recyclables documentation, reports, and Certificates of Destruction 

Customized Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

Direct Polymers specializes in developing customized waste reduction and recycling programs. Our professional team includes knowledgable individuals who are experienced in trash, hauling, and commodity recycling. Our programs bring added value by:

1. Saving you money - We will maximize your waste hauling capacity and shop the cheapest roll-off and compactor services in town, thereby decreasing your trash and hauling costs. We will assess your waste streams and identify materials that can be recycled and/or reused, thereby reducing your waste stream and decreasing your trash costs. We will provide the highest rebate possible for the recyclable materials that are generated through your waste stream.

2. Making your waste and recycling methods more efficient - We will assess your company's current methods of recycling and waste disposal so that we may identify the most efficient process to dispose of your waste and manage your recyclables. We can provide balers, grinders, etc to most efficiently consolidate your recyclables, and we can provide compactors, roll-offs, or front load bins to meet the proper waste disposal needs of your company.

3. Provide packaging supplies

We can supply your business with Gaylord boxes, super sacks, rolling bins, pallets, and other supplies in order to find a best-fit solution for packaging and transporting your recyclables and waste around your warehouse or facility. In addition to just providing these supplies your waste and recycling needs, Direct Polymers also offers packaging supplies for other areas of your company's process, making us a one-stop shop for

packaging supplies, thereby saving you time and money by not having to deal with mutilple companies. Our packaging supplies are often re-use products that are much cheaper than the competition's.

4. Managing your logistics - We will manage and coordinate the shipping and logistics for your waste and recycling materials. Need a roll-off haul, we will take care of it. And, whether it's picking up in one of our vehicles or hiring an outside carrier, we will save you the hassle of trying to manage shipping your waste and recyclables, as well as find you the best rate in town. We have a strong network of LTL and FT carriers for in-state and out-of-state shipments, so in addition to managing the logistics of your waste streams, Direct Polymers will also happily quote any additional freight your company may need assistance with.

5. Tracking your waste streams - We can track your company's waste streams. From what is hauled in roll-offs or compactors to the plastics, metals, and paper you recycle, Direct Polymers will provide spreadsheet reporting of these streams so that you may better identify what is being thrown away and in what quantities. We can also provide Certificates of Destruction or Recycle for your company.

Plastics and Fiber Recycling

Direct Polymers specializes in recycling PVC, PP, HDPE, ABS, PS, and LDPE plastics.  We process over one milion pounds per month at our recycling facility in Denver, CO. and we manage an additional two million pounds per month through brokerage services.  In addition to plastics, Direct Polymers manages over 400 tons per month of fiber recycling.  We are also capable of handling metals.

Toll Processing and Blending

Direct Polymers offers toll washing, shredding, grinding, pulverizing and pelletizing services.  With a forty million pound annual processing capacity, we work with some of the largest manufacturers throughout the country, providing them with cost-effective solutions for their processing needs.  Direct Polymers aims to return as many products as possible back to the original manufacturers in order to save our customers money and limit the loss from scrap generated in their manufacturing process.  


Material Conversion Services 

  • Tolling

  • Grinding

  • Shredding

  • Pelletizing

  • Washing

  • Pulverizing

  • Particle Refining


Technical Services

  • Waste Recovery

  • Custom Blending

  • Compounding

  • Resin Brokerage

  • Color Sorting

  • Optical Sorting

  • Meteal Separation

  • Particle Aspiration


Oilfield Recycling Services

Using custom-built equipment and experienced crews, Direct Polymers provides on-site recycling services for oilfield plastics and metals.  We reclaim pit and pond liners, HDPE pipe, HDPE thread caps, and steel pipe. All plastics materials are collected from locations, then transported to our Denver, CO processing facility to be cleaned, shredded and recycled using the most technologically advanced systems while leaving no adverse impact on the environment. Working with us, not only do you reduce landfill costs, but you actively participate in true environmental stewardship. Our pit liner recycling process is truly one of a kind.



Direct Polymers offers custom reporting and monthly, quarterly, and annual waste and recycling to our customers.  This allows our customers to track what percentage of their waste streams are being recycled and how much they are receiving in rebates for those materials.

Logistics & Packaging Supplies

Direct Polymers also offers:

  • Pallets

  • Gaylord Boxes

  • Supersacks

  • Dropped Trailers

  • Logistics Handling

  • Certified Scale Tickets

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